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David from Pass The CELTAMy name is David and I’m the guy behind I graduated the CELTA with a Pass A grade and wanted to pass on some of the best experiences and TEFL tips from my time studying the syllabus.

I have a real passion for teaching English as a foreign language, and for helping others trying to start their TEFL careers.

I worked as a corporate marketing consultant for many years and found myself looking for a new career that would allow me to give something back to the world and add value to other peoples’ lives. At first I considered charity marketing but it became clear that my natural tendency was to teach. I stumbled across the TEFL industry one day and was hooked; it opened so many opportunities for travelling, meeting new people and helping other people with the motivation to improve their lives by learning a new language.

It’s no secret that English is the international language across the globe, and there is a constant influx of foreign students looking for ways to increase their fluency, improve their job prospects and make travelling more enjoyable. So I enrolled on the CELTA qualification to enable me to work in private language schools across the world.

But through my own CELTA research I noticed something… there are so many other hopeful teachers out there looking for similar answers that it made sense to use my marketing skills to create this website: the ultimate resource to help people to get their CELTA certificate! I reviewed all my notes, research and experiences of the CELTA course, and used them to create – I hope you find the materials here useful.

Good luck on your TEFL career. Remember you can make a real difference in peoples’ lives!


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David says

Great work on the pre-TKT course. It’s a good step forward.

I don’t know your personal circumstances, but if it’s not possible to take the CELTA course in your country, you may consider an alternative that still requires 120+ hours (like the Trinity CertTESOL). I can’t really recommend any other TEFL courses as they are often not recognised by potential employees.

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