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Bulgaria CELTA Centres

CELTA Courses in Bulgaria

Bulgaria is the new hotspot in Europe. Not only is it a reasonably priced country to visit, its citizens are also hungry to learn English, which is why you should look into studying at the CELTA centre in Bulgaria. Bulgaria’s only CELTA centre in Sophia is in the heart of the city and will give you easy access to many interesting places to visit.

This country is quickly becoming a popular tourist destination, which is why it’s recommended to add a few extra days or even weeks onto your travel itinerary in Bulgaria. Bulgaria’s home to some amazing rugged mountains and splendid beaches; this is one country where it’s possible to go hiking and swimming in the same day. With a wealth of exciting tourist attractions such as imposing castles, formidable fortresses and quaint old-world towns, you’ll never grow bored.

AVO-Bell Language and Examination Centre
Sofia, Bulgaria