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With China’s rise in the world, there’s a desperate need for English language teachers. Once you’ve completed your CELTA course in China, there are plenty of opportunities to remain in one of the oldest countries in the world. China’s private schools, language courses, universities, and even public schools all need English language teachers, so if you’ve been wanting to experience Chinese life, this is the perfect opportunity to study at a CELTA centre in China. Jobs are plentiful and life is fast-paced and cheap, which makes this an exciting destination for many newly qualified CELTA teachers. CELTA centres in Shanghai and Beijing are professionally run and offer real-life teaching practice.

With the biggest population in the world, amazing industries, awe-inspiring skyscrapers in combination with its many ancient ruins, there’s plenty to see and do across the country. Take some time after your CELTA programme in China to visit the great sights of China and don’t be afraid to venture off the beaten track – the Chinese are some of the friendliest people in the world, and they’ll surely welcome you to their country.

New Oriental Shanghai
Shanghai, China
Language Link Beijing
Beijing, China
Sydney Institute of Language & Commerce (SILC)
Shanghai, China
General Plan Institute of Education
Shanghai, China
New Oriental
Beijing, China
Meten International Education
Shenzhen, China