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Celta Centres in Germany

Germany CELTA Centres

CELTA Courses in Germany

Despite the size of Germany, there are only 4 CELTA centres there. While English language education is important in Germany, they’re still somewhat lagging in training centres for teachers. However, the CELTA centres in Germany are professional, clean, and comfortable, offering you realistic teaching practice and excellent instruction.

Germany’s an exciting country to visit that has a long rich history. Its geographic location means you don’t have to travel far to get to neighbouring countries. One of Europe’s most visited countries you need to make sure you’ll also have the time to travel after having completed your CELTA course in Germany. From the castles of Heidelberg, to the Black Forest in Bavaria, there’s so much to see and explore when in and around Germany.

Muenchner Volkshochschule
Bavaria, Germany
Berlin School Of English
Berlin, Germany
The Hamburg School Of English
Hamburg, Germany
International House Frankfurt
Hesse, Germany