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Hungary has a definite charm about it and if you’re looking for a CELTA centre in Europe, this beautiful and very affordable country has a well-known CELTA course in Budapest, Hungary’s historic capital.

Easily accessed from other European countries, you’ll be able to not only visit Hungary, you’ll also be able to pop across the boarders and visit countries like Poland, Slovakia, and the Czech Republic. When booking your course at the main CELTA centre in Hungary, you’ll need a few extra days to explore the old preserved cities and towns that have a real fairytale feel about them. Hungary is one place in Europe that has a successful combination of the old and new world. It has a long history and there’s a lot to see and do. And if you’re looking for a relaxing break, Hungary’s thermal medicinal baths will help relax you. After a nice relaxing spa, you’ll be then refreshed to hit Hungary’s buzzing nightlife scene with a number of great bars and cafes that entertain all night long.

International House, Budapest
Budapest, Hungary