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Israel’s largest, most populous city is Tel Aviv which also houses Israel’s main airport and has train and bus connections to all the major cities and tourist destinations. Whether you already live in Israel, want to move there, or just want to travel there to do your CELTA, you should have no trouble traveling to Tel Aviv or around the country.

Tel Aviv is a modern, metropolitan city on the Mediterranean coast. If you enjoy nature, art, culture, and nightlife then you’ll love Tel Aviv! It has world class beaches, restaurants, markets, museums and shows. If ancient culture and religion are more your things, getting to Jerusalem can take as little as an hour by car or public transportation.

Israel has mild weather, ancient sites, modern cities and a warm, friendly culture. Since it is relatively small, you will never be far away from anything. Visit the north with its cooler weather, wineries and mountains or the south to see the desert and learn more about the Bedouins and their culture. No matter which direction you choose, you will be rewarded with breathtaking views, food and drink to please the harshest foodie critic, and cultural experiences to last a lifetime.

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