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Lebanon has its charm and mystery. There are so many reasons why you might want to do your CELTA course in Beirut, Lebanon’s capital city. Other than doing your CELTA course in Lebanon, you’ll be able to explore some fascinating Lebanese cities which are full of culture and history. You’ll feel completely at ease while attending your CELTA centre in Lebanon as it’s a country where respect, love, honesty, family, and education all have equal importance. The Lebanese love to chat away in English, so don’t be surprised that you’ll get invited into near-strangers’ homes, especially when they hear about your newly qualified CELTA status.

Lebanon is a mix of cool and casual. Despite it being a small city, there’s a lot to do, so book some extra time off when doing your CELTA course in Beirut to ensure you get to experience the stunning beach resorts, the glamorous city of Beirut, and of course sample its world-famous cuisine. With a dark past and many scars from the past wars and battles, Lebanon has a rich history that’s complement by the magical mountain vistas.

American Lebanese Language Centre
Beirut, Lebanon