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The CELTA course is a great experience, but it has a well-deserved reputation for being intense and stressful. 

The CELTA Learning Library is your secret to an easier, less stressful CELTA course.

Improve your confidence. Learn what to expect and focus your preparation on the things that matter. No more guessing.

Push your grade higher. Discover the skills and advice needed to achieve top marks in your lesson plans, teaching and written assignments.

Get full access to the knowledge and advice of a Pass A graduate while you prepare for your course!

There is no better way to prepare for your CELTA

Stop wasting your time trying to pull together scraps of vague advice from online forums, social media and blog articles.

The CELTA Learning Library is hands down the best collection of CELTA tips, advice and shared experience.

Inside the CELTA Learning Library

The CELTA Learning Library is a huge collection of help topics for each part of your course. The topics are grouped into sections, such as Written Assignments or Lesson Planning. This makes it easy to focus on the area you need to revise, both before and during your course....

Before your course

You can explore all the topics at your own pace while you prepare for your CELTA, improving your skills, understanding what to expect, and building a strong mindset.

Get a head start on tricky concepts and use your preparation time as effectively as possible, so you're less stressed and more productive on the course.

Practice the grammar, language analysis, and concept checking questions, and study some top-marked lesson plans.

During your course

Make no mistake, you will be a busy bee on your CELTA course. You'll also be stressed and tired.

But you'll have this secret weapon to help!

Dip into any topic to help improve your weaker skills and get a different perspective on difficult concepts. Discover tips to push your lesson planning and teaching performance, and show your CELTA tutor that you deserve a Pass A or B.

And if things start to feel overwhelming, just know that you're not alone. Sometimes that can really help.

Mindset & Expectations

Discover how to prepare mentally, learn how everything fits into the bigger picture, and feel more relaxed and confident.

  • The 4 big components of the CELTA
  • Understanding the assessment criteria
  • Your first day and week
  • Taking on board tutor feedback
  • Achieving Pass A or Pass B
  • Managing your workload & time
  • How to prepare: Health
  • plus
    How to prepare: Social & family life
  • plus
    How to prepare: What books to read
  • plus
    How to prepare: Writing skills


Learn essential grammar before starting your CELTA to make your life easier and reduce stress. Discover how to teach grammar during your CELTA, so you can prepare beforehand.

  • Which grammar book do I need?
  • What level of grammar is expected?
  • Parts of speech
  • Grammatical tenses & aspects
  • Word & sentence stress
  • Tools for teaching grammar & lexis
  • Introducing the concept of language analysis

Written Assignments

How do I prepare?
What are the topics?
What are resubmissions, and do they affect my grade?

Find the answers you need to feel more confident and prepare. 

  • What are the CELTA written assignments?
  • plus
    Why trainees fail their written assignments
  • plus
    Bouncing back after resubmissions
  • plus
    Assignment 1: Focus on the learner (FOL)
  • plus
    Assignment 2: Language related task (LRT)
  • plus
    Assignment 3: Language skills related task (LSRT)
  • plus
    Assignment 4: Lessons from the classroom (LFC)

Lesson Planning

Discover the Teaching Cycle: your powerful secret to improving your grade. Then we'll explore an effective lesson plan, so you know which skills to focus on for your CELTA.

  • The Teaching Practice Cycle: Planning, Teaching, Evaluation
  • plus
    Lesson aims
  • plus
    Skills vs. Language lessons
  • plus
    Setting the context
  • plus
    The stages of an effective Language lesson
  • plus
    The stages of an effective Skills lesson
  • plus
    Stage timings
  • plus
    Teacher-student interactions
  • plus
    Planning your whiteboard
  • plus
    MFP - Planning new language analysis
  • plus
    Concept checking questions
  • plus
  • plus
  • plus
  • plus
    Anticipating problems
  • plus
    Download and explore a real lesson plan

Teaching Practice

Discover actionable tips for managing your classroom and demonstrating your skills to your CELTA tutor. Learn how to set activities, give feedback, correct errors and much more.

  • plus
    Building rapport
  • plus
    Analysing & presenting new language
  • plus
    Giving instructions
  • plus
  • plus
    Giving feedback
  • plus
    Error correction
  • plus
    Recovering from problems


Evaluating your lesson plan and teaching practice is your key to improving your CELTA performance. Learn how to combine honest self-evaluation with your tutor’s advice.

  • Self evaluation
  • plus
    Tutor evalution
  • plus
    Taking on board feedback from others
  • plus
    Setting goals & acting on them
  • plus
    Observing other teachers

The Learning Environment

As a CELTA trainee, identifying and understanding your learners’ learner background is an important skill required for passing the course.

  • Learner levels
  • Learner backgrounds
  • Learner motivations
  • Learning styles
  • First languages
  • Types of English

Download a Real Lesson Plan!

You'll download and study a real lesson plan from a Pass A graduate

We'll break down each element of an effective lesson plan, so you can learn its purpose and structure.

You'll learn which extras can save you time and reduce stress, and which common mistakes to avoid.


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I passed! Thank you for your guidance - it really helped.

Hi David, well I did it! That's me passed!

I had a great last teach practice - achieved an above standard and my tutor told me I have done really well. I also didn't have to resubmit any of my assignments either and I got excellent comments for my lesson plans.

So thank you for your guidance with all this - it really helped.


CELTA graduate

The number one site for all of the future CELTA trainees

You will get valuable advice from a person who has already passed the CELTA and decided to dedicate his life to help others who plan on doing the course.

It also helps you to create an image of what is everything regarding teaching practice and written assignments going to be like.

In my opinion, this is the number one site for all of the future CELTA trainees out there.


CELTA graduate

An outstanding advantage when doing your CELTA

The best thing about the CELTA learning library is that it’s like having a ‘personal trainer’ to answer questions before taking the CELTA.

The CELTA learning library answers a lot of questions and gives you an outstanding advantage when doing your CELTA.


CELTA graduate

A head-start with passing the CELTA course

David's website has given me an invaluable insight into what to expect from the CELTA course and how to prepare for it.

I feel much more assured and at ease about doing course now.

David's useful tips and tricks will give you a head-start with passing the CELTA course and afterwards with teaching English.


CELTA graduate

It's Time to Pass Your CELTA

The CELTA Learning Library ​will help you prepare for your course.

Get access to a huge library of help topics on every aspect of the CELTA course.

If you're hoping to achieve a Pass A or B grade, you'll find great tips from a Pass A graduate. You won't find this anywhere else!

My name is David, and I passed my CELTA with the highest grade (Pass A).

I know exactly what you're feeling because I've been where you are. I remember the lesson planning, teaching practice and written assignments.

I'm not afraid to admit it wasn't easy... it was hard work, stressful and full of late nights.

But I did it. I got my CELTA. And so can you!

The CELTA Learning Library is my way of sharing everything I learned, so you can start your new teaching career.


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Frequently Asked Questions

I haven't started my CELTA yet. Is the Learning Library for me?

Absolutely. In fact, that's the best time to prepare.

Imagine having full access to the knowledge and advice of a Pass A graduate while you prepare for your course!

Also, during your CELTA, you can use the Learning Library at any time to read an alternative explanation of the skills and concepts you learn from your tutor.

Think of this Learning Library as both a great preparation AND revision resource for all stages of your CELTA.

How long will I have access to the Learning Library?

You can access everything for one year.

That should give you plenty of time to prepare for - and pass! - your CELTA certificate.

How can I contact support if I have a question?

Don't worry, you won't be on your own when you buy the CELTA Learning Library.

Inside you'll find a Help & Support section, where you can find the answers to frequently asked questions.

If you have a question that isn't already answered, you'll be able to send me a message and we'll help you get the answers you need.

Does the Learning Library guarantee I'll pass my CELTA?

No one can guarantee you'll pass. But I promise to help you to feel more confident and prepared, and share the knowledge and skills that led to my Pass A grade.

It’s important to understand that this website isn’t a magic wand. Simply purchasing something can never guarantee success alone – you’ll also need to take action, study hard and apply yourself on the CELTA course.

Above all, you need to take on board your CELTA tutors’ feedback and advice.

Are you affiliated with Cambridge or a CELTA centre?

No. I was a trainee just like you. I graduated my Cambridge CELTA course with a Pass A grade and wanted to pass on some of the best tips and advice from my experience.

Alway remember that my opinions should not replace what you are told by your CELTA tutor. You should always follow your CELTA tutor’s advice.

Will I need to download any special software?

I want to make it as easy as possible, so everything you need is right here online. Just log in to your account and you're good to go!

You can access it anytime and from any device with an internet connection.

More People Just Like You...

Today is the day I complete my CELTA

Today is the day I complete my CELTA and now I just wait for my certificate to come through.

It’s been a great experience and I’m glad I went ahead with it.

Many thanks for your time and advice prior to taking the CELTA.


CELTA graduate

I now have a clear map of what the CELTA entails

The CELTA learning library helps develop a mindset that makes someone a successful CELTA graduate.

I now have a clear map of what the CELTA entails and the level of commitment required to be successful.


CELTA graduate

I strongly recommend buying to anyone

Joining the CELTA Learning Library has been a very enriching experience.

I strongly recommend buying to anyone, especially if you want to achieve a CELTA A grade.


CELTA graduate

The learning library helps to reduce stress

The learning library offers advice about lesson planning, teaching and grammar, which helps to reduce the stress.

I highly recommend this to anyone who hopes to hit the ground running with their CELTA.


CELTA graduate

I feel like I have a classmate and teacher to turn to

This site is invaluable - it feels like I have a classmate/teacher to turn to.

I already feel more confident. Thanks David!


CELTA graduate

Real honest advice to overcome the CELTA course

Through the CELTA learning library, you get real honest advice to overcome the difficult and time consuming elements of the CELTA course.

If you’re serious about completing a CELTA course, and feel lost and confused with all the other advice and pre-reading tasks being thrown at you, then this is the website to come to as it lays everything out in a clear format.


CELTA graduate


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