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How can I stop comparing myself to the other trainees?

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It’s entirely natural to compare your CELTA progress to other trainees on the course. Sometimes, it can feel like you are way behind in one area or skill, or that you seem to be experiencing more stress on teaching practice or written assignments.

However, constantly comparing yourself to others can drain you of the motivation and encouragement necessary to succeed.

Remember this: you only ever see the surface of other trainees’ struggles and achievements. Underneath everyone is a hidden, complex mixture of fears, doubts and hard work.

Trainees who appear to be confident and relaxed in teaching practice, might well feel insecure underneath, spending hours rehearsing their lesson plans. Perhaps if you read their tutor feedback, you would know they are struggling in other areas that are less apparent.

It’s also important to remember your CELTA performance is not assessed based on comparison to other trainees. You will be graded against a set of criteria (skills, demonstrating concepts etc.) as well as taking into account your personal growth and improvement throughout the course.

Again, it’s natural to compare yourself to others, but try not to waste valuable time and energy that can be better focused on improving YOUR lesson plans, tutor feedback, teaching practice and written assignments.