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How many students will I be teaching?

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The teaching practice element of the CELTA course is understandably one of the biggest sources of stress for new trainees. During these sessions, you will be standing in front of a class of learners and teaching a live class with no assistance from your tutor.

Each of your classes will consist of up to 12 learners, often of different nationalities.

I taught 3 levels of class during my CELTA course teaching practice: beginner, intermediate, and upper-intermediate. That’s a total of 36 learners. Each level was a very different experience to teach, and I had to use a wide variety of teaching techniques to encourage learning.

A full class of 12 learners can actually feel less stressful and intense compared to smaller classes, as it’s much easier to assign activities to pairs and groups, and allow the learners to carry most of the lesson on their own.