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What Exams are in the CELTA?

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What exams are in the CELTA course?

The Cambridge CELTA course is not graded by examination.

That is to say, there are no formal written exam tests or assessment papers at the end of the course, like in university.

Instead you are graded throughout the whole course in approximately 3 broad criteria:

  1. Your lesson planning, teaching and self-evaluation
  2. Your 4 written assignments
  3. Your general progress throughout the course

In order to determine your final pass grade, your CELTA tutors will maintain your personal performance matrix. This document outlines a number of skills that you will be expected to develop and maintain throughout the CELTA course, and it includes everything from your lesson timekeeping skills right through to your ability to use constructive tutor criticism to improve your lessons.

In summary, there are no formal exams on your CELTA course, but you will be constantly assessed against a set of criteria issued by Cambridge ESOL.